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Our talented team of experts will create a mobile solution that is optimally tailored to the needs of your users. We not only design highly efficient solutions in the B2B sector, but also deliver exciting B2C applications that are made for the “real world”.


We help you optimize workflows, provide reliable advice on selecting the right technology and support you in working effectively and efficiently with digital tools.

Design and development

Great usability and intuitive design are key to any app or website. Our UI/UX and development teams work closely together to guarantee your app doesn’t lack in functions nor fashion.

Testing and quality assurance

What would you rather have: a beautifully unstable app or an unusable clockwork? You shouldn’t have to choose! We constantly check and measure the quality of our products using industry approved testing methods, expert reviews, and field tests with real users.


Who are we actually?

Within the team neusta digital family we are the go-to experts for mobile solutions. Our focus is the concept, design, development, and continuous support of applications made for any kind of mobile device.

We are both present in the heart of Bremen and Berlin, Germany. Working together with our sister-companies of the team neusta group, we can solve problems that go beyond mobile.

Through continuous training, we ride the cutting edge. No worries, we also do “tried and tested” methods without judgement. Our over ten years of experience enable us to create high-quality products and solutions. If something changes during the project, no problem, working with agile methods we can react to dynamic requirements and extra wishes at any time.



How do we do things?

Whether on-site or via video conference, we see the importance of fast communication channels and a tight relation. When working with a project, we follow agile principles self-led teams. Iteratively we move from interaction design, through prototypes and click dummies, and finally to the finished app. Our goal is always to optimize the user journey, through design and development combined. That’s why we carefully analyze the needs of our target group and users, check performance and stability. We don’t just sell a service, but a fantastic user experience and a joyful interaction with your brand identity right at your users’ fingertips.


So, what’s it like behind the scenes?

We are a young, highly motivated and dynamic team. Those might sound like buzzwords but visit us and you’ll see for yourself that they are nothing but the truth. We live a positive and open corporate culture in which everyone can contribute with his or her strengths. This manifests itself in self-organized work groups that take care of the employees’ concerns and progressively makes the work environment better, friendlier and more efficient.

We strive to strengthen our team through self-organized events such as non-work dinners, regular sports activities and a variety of opportunities for further training and internal knowledge sharing.


CyberFitness is your gym to go!
Using the app you can participate in workouts, schedule classes, and share your successes with others.

Is the screen of your smartphone or tablet too small for you?
No problem! Every workout can be easily streamed to your TV using Chromecast and Apple TV.

This app was implemented using the latest technologies and standards for iOS and Android to provide users with the best possible mobile experience.

Screenshots der aktuellen Cyberfitness App


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